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Microsoft Europe's Chris Lewis sees Wii as the once-in-a-while console


Head honcho of Microsoft Europe was quick to put down the Wii in an interview with recently. He is of the mind that success in the mass market is determined less by gameplay and more by other factors. The way we've always seen it, games define the system.

Now that the Xbox 360 apparently got a price cut over there, it's being offered to consumers for less money than the Wii. Lewis thinks that the price of the 360, along with its games and digital entertainment distribution capabilities will ultimately help it win the console war. He thinks these factors will lead the 360 being seen as a console with more rich content, whereas the Wii is kind of like the 'party appeal' system.

"I think you've got to be prepared to be appealing in lots of different areas and make sure you don't become something that only gets yanked out of a cupboard at Christmas and particularly holiday peaks and doesn't really get used the rest of the time," Lewis comments. "I think you've got to be careful with that. I think our depth and breadth of experience will ensure that we never get in any way put into the cupboard in that way."

Either way you slice it, playing has been believing and we're not sure Lewis' approach is going to help the 360 dethrone Wii in the territory.

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