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Wii Shop update makes way for Wii Ware [update]


Update: To clarify, the Wii Shop Channel update applies to Wiis in North America, as upon checking our own Shop Channel, we found the above screen. It just so happens a European stumbled upon it.

As you all know, we're getting set to get Wii Ware up and running on our Wiis. Upon that beautiful day, in which we're sure the sun will shine through the clouds and engulf us all in warm rays of light, many Wii owners will be trying to duck and dodge all of that sunshine while downloading games through Wii Ware. Those of us in North America won't have to flee for our lives from the sun until May.

But we digress. European Wii owners will likely find out (either through reading this or by checking their Wii) that the Wii Shop Channel requires an update. And with Wii Ware on the horizon, it's likely this update is in some way a part of that. Actually, forum-goers at NeoGAF report that Nintendo confirms it's in preparation for the launch of Wii Ware. Others even commented about a "guide-thing in the lower right corner of the shop."

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