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Pentagon project to put game-like display on contact lenses

Kyle Orland

Using contact lenses to simply change your eye color is so passé. Using contact lenses to augment reality is where it's at. At least it is for the Pentagon, which has put out a request for information on a system to display data "not unlike information provided to players of first-person, shooter-type video games" directly on the surface of the human eye. Sounds kind of like those TV display glasses you hear about sometimes, except, y'know, actually cool.

The technology is a little out there, but it's not a total pipe dream. Researchers at the University of Washington are already working on a nano-scale prototype, and the Pentagon wants actual results out the project in three to five years. The means the technology could trickle down into the consumer market in about ten to fifteen years, just in time to be integrated into the Sony PlayStation 5 and the MicroTendo HyperBox 1080. We can't wait!

[Via Wired]

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