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Valve, Nunchuck release Ninja Reflex over Steam

Jason Dobson

Valve and Nunchuck Games have tiptoed around caltrops and poison rice balls in order to release Sanzaru Games' "ninja party game" Ninja Reflex over Steam. The game, recently released for both the Wii and DS, leverages Valve's Steamworks tool set, adding some 50 new achievements not found in the previous versions. Even better, the companies hint at an in-game "basket" of Easter Eggs lifted from the Half-Life and Portal universe. Whatever that means, we want it.

Beyond the added achievements, the appropriately dubbed "Steamworks Edition" also carries an attractive asking price of just $9.95 $8.95, making the alternative $39.99 Wii and $29.99 DS versions seem laughable by comparison. The game is up on Steam now, and is next on our list of things to get -- right after we finish eating this rice ball.

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