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First Mana Khemia Portable screens

Majed Athab

So a couple days ago we heard about Mana Khemia getting ported to the PSP. Today, take a look at some screenshots from the game courtesy of Jeux France.

Judging from the screens, Mana Khemia looks like it's getting that nice widescreen presentation the PSP is so well known for. Couple that with the new bosses and a co-op multi-player mode, and then perhaps picking up the soon-to-release PS2 version might not sound so great. Then again, waiting for an English PSP version is going to be quite gamble. Let's see, option one: get the game at the end of the month for PS2, or option two: wait for an English PSP version that might never exist. Hmm, it seems we've reached an impasse.

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