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This Wednesday: TiQal blazes XBLA, Switchball re-released


You know what? Go ahead and toss everything you thought you knew about the collapse of classic Mayan civilization right out the window. Enter TiQal, Slapdash Games' startling new discovery of the catalyst that sparked the deterioration of the once thriving southern lowlands cities of Mesoamerica. Blocks, people. It was those darned, colorful blocks. Relive the puzzling mystery (with a friend, if you'd like) -- and try to rewrite history -- this Wednesday, as TiQal comes to Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points.

Not a pre-Columbian culture buff? Well, have we got a special announcement for you! Switchball returns to XBLA with a little spit shine. The once glimmering sphere just got ... shinier with "enhanced" graphics and higher high-scores! This incredible, one-time update is free for previous purchasers and just 800 Microsoft Points (full game included) for first-time ballers. Incredible!

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