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The Wii saves cell phone gaming


We'll never understand the drive to play cell phone games. Even if phone hardware is powerful enough to render high-quality visuals, the experience is all but ruined by the fact that every cell phone ever has a completely terrible interface for playing games (sorry, iPhone, but we could do with at least one button!) When there are awesome portable game systems available, we don't see the need to play games on our phones. Of course, that's us, and we sort of identify as fanboys of a certain non-phone handheld game system.

"Ares" of the UIQ Evangelist blog solved the interface problem using a program called MobiPad that enables the Wiimote to connect to phones via Bluetooth. Now he can play the phone version of SSX3 with a decent d-pad. There's no waggle or anything, but just not being terrible is a quantum leap for mobile game controls.

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