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Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm to release in April


The flash-animated, internet-cult phenomenon, known as Happy Tree Friends is getting it's XBLA release (with a subtitle of False Alarm) next month. As an extremely violent flash cartoon that it is, every entry features blood, gore and violent deaths, and as such should fit right in with the 360 crowd. On the HTF website, there is a confirmation from the staff that the game is set to go live on April 21, strange part is, (as you likely already know) XBLA games only release on Wednesdays. Now assuming that they are simply unfamiliar with that pattern, then it's likely that the game will see release the week of April 21 (its a Monday). Either way, the devs have gotten word that Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm is releasing soon, and from the looks of the rumors swirling, April should end up being a great month for XBLA.

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