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Sony cites transportation issues behind Eye of Judgment delay

Jason Dobson

As expected, yesterday came and went without a peep regarding the first expansion to Sony and Wizards of the Coast's fourth wall-bending Eye of Judgment. March 27 was to be the date that the game's cards and required PSN download were to be released, but that was before something went awry, delaying the whole shebang, though oddly only for North America. Rather than speculate as the cause, we knocked on Sony's front door, and when Brian Keltner answered we asked him straight up, what's the deal?

According to Sony, the North American delay can be blamed on "transportation delays from the European distributor of The Eye of Judgment: Biolith Rebellion 2 (Set 2) trading cards." Keltner added that "we have yet to set a new launch date for the software and cards but plan to do so in the near future."

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