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Living in a material virtual world

Shawn Schuster

Whether you play WoW for the phat lewt or not, we can all agree that the end-game is mostly item-based. How cool do you feel when you're the only one running around with the Twin Blades of Azzinoth? Well, what if it suddenly became much easier to obtain those blades, and everyone was running around with them? Regardless of the argument that item-based raiding is good or bad, it's still nice to know that people are aware of how hard you worked to get your best, flashiest gear. This is also why we hate gold sellers.

Apparently, many players are not too happy about the ease in which high-end loot is obtained after patch 2.4. Over at Kill Ten Rats, they believe the changes are not a big deal and it will actually help players experience this higher-end loot before the expansion comes out. It's the thrill of the hunt, right? It's the exploration of a new dungeon, or the socialization aspect, isn't it? Regardless, it makes us wonder why Blizzard is doing this now. Possibly in preparation of things to come with Lich King?

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