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LG's Viewty KE990 is downgraded KU990, destined for China?


Remember the KU990 Viewty? Of course you do, well, meet its twin -- but decidedly duller -- sibling, the KE990 -- notice that E? That means EDGE. This handset apparently brings most or all of the same goods to the table as the KU990 did but lacks HSDPA and dumps tri-band for dual. So yeah, rather than stuffing this thing with another HSDPA band -- ah-frickin'-hem -- LG has chosen to head in another, less interesting direction by stripping it of some of what made it glorious in the first place. Of course, if rumors of it going to China prove true, we get that removing the 3G radio will improve battery life and shrink the price a bit for that market -- as not all markets want that 3G speed -- but this still hurts as we're way cooler with more, better, faster around here. Hopefully we'll hear a little something announced at CTIA but until then, we'll simply pretend none of this ever happened.

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