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HKO to take Paladins away from WoW


In an exclusive interview with HKO lead developer Hey'wod ya' Saiev'mie, it was revealed that because of the extreme ease and uselessness Paladins provide in World of Warcraft, they have been removed from WoW and transfered to HK Online. Those players that have Paladin will no doubt be happy since they'll finally be able to play a useful role in an online game. All accounts with Paladin mains will receive a free copy of HKO, and 3 days of play time.

In response to the outcry of support in the Paladin forums, Blizard CM Csyrd said "We are glad Paladins are finally happy. Our goal has always been to make them stop crying." Newly appointed HKO CM Ahol Isk'y said "Hopefully the Paladin community will appreciate their new opportunity to tank mice and the occasional dog. Of course this is nothing like Illidan, but it's a start, right?"

I had a chance to sit down with the HKO lead developer and talk to him about how the Paladins will transfer across. Here are the major bullet points:

  • Paladins will no longer be wearing plate gear, only cloth.
  • At 1% health the Paladin will automatically bubble, hearth, and return to his home.
  • Paladins will no longer be able to heal others, only themselves.
  • When tanking mice, the Paladin will look like a kitten, and purr when they do over 10 damage. The proc rate is about once every ten minutes.
  • When fighting dogs, the Paladin will rename himself Kyraa and constantly whine that the game is too hard.
  • Instead of gold, Paladins will use copper. They cannot have more than 99 copper on them at once.
  • Paladins that die, despite having a bubble, will be faced with Permadeath.
  • Only the Protection tree will remain. The others will be removed. They will be replaced with a "Whine Less" and "Whine More" tree.
  • If the Paladin specs deep into the "Whine More" tree, they will find themselves with an aura that instantly and magically removes the ability for the Paladin to post to official and unofficial HKO forums.
  • The Paladins ability to communicate with other players using in-game chat has been removed by default, and is only available if the Paladin specs deep into the "Whine Less" tree.
We here at HKO Insider would like to thank Hey'wod ya' for taking the time to sit down with us for the interview. Stay tuned to HKO Insider for the latest on this stunning development!

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