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L3@rn1ng 1337 Sp3ak


With the pending release of Hello Kitty Online, we are all going to need to become proficient in leet speak. This is the language of nerds and basement gamers everywhere (Ed: Because no one in WoW ever talks like this, right?). So in hopes that we'll be able to better understand all those cute little muffins of joy, let's immerse ourselves in some leet speak for the rest of the post.

It is also rumored that Rosetta Stone will be releasing a Leet Speak module soon. Stay tuned to HKO Insider for a review of that in the near future.

Th3 pr1m@ry th1ng 2 r3m3mb3r ab0ut 1337 sp3@k is th@t u n33d 2 abr3vi@t3 3v3ryth1ng @s mch @s p0ss1ble. U sh0uld a1s0 n3v3r ty93 0u7 7h3 w0rd "you", i7 sh0uld alwayz b u!!!!11lol!!!111

An0th3r th1ng t0 r3m3mb3r 1s n3v3r typ3 0ut a c0m9l373 w0rd 1n r3@1 1@ngu@g3 un13ss y0u abs0lut3ly hav3 t0. Us3 b@d gr@mer and sp3ling wh3n 3vr p0sibl3.

U sh0uld n3v3r juzt typ3 "lol" n3m0@r. I7's alwyz LOLOL!L!!!!!111!!!!! S33? Dat iz sexi k3wl!!! Y@!!!!

S0 h0w iz ur l337 593@%? Iz it uberz?

M@1 1337 593@# 1z ub3r @w3sum. 1f u c@n lrn2593@k l1k3 m3 u c@n t@1k 2 a11 th053 g@m3rz.

@ 1v1 80, 1n HK0 (LOL!!!11!1!!!), d@ p@l@d1nz w1ll g3tz d@ sp3ll 2 lrn2t@lk 1f th3y sp3c d33p 1n 2 th3 "n0 wh1n1ng" tr33. @ll 0f th31r t3xt0rz (laz0r gunz p3w p3w p3w) w1ll c0m3 0u7 l1k3 th15. H093fu11y th1s w1ll m@k3 ppl w@nt 2 r0l p@l@d1nz m0@r 0ften.

M@i c@t s@yz h@i guyz!11!!!1! lol!!11!! H3 iz r3@lly exc1t3dz @b0u7 HKO(l0l!!!!11!!!111@!!). H3 1z g01ng 2 r0l @ d3@th k177y. wr@r!!!11!!!111111

h@v3 phun w17 1337 593@K!!!!!!

(a11 c0mmentz muzt b d0n3 1n 1337 593@k, 0r 3ls3 u g17 @ f1uffy bunyz!)

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