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Mortal Kombat heading to iPhone/iPod Touch?


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Update: yeah, it was a joke. Bummer!

OK, confession time, without a shadow of a doubt, Mortal Kombat/Mortal Kombat II is one of my favorite video games of all time. I don't really want to admit how much of 6th grade was wasted playing the SNES version of MK II. is reporting that a port of Mortal Kombat is being developed by Midway for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apparently Ed Boon (Mortal Kombat co-creator) posted coded message on his site, spelling out TOUCH. TRMK says that a source revealed to them that a Touch version IS in the works and was also able to provide a very, very convincing video demo.

The demo shows what looks to be motion controlled movements for the characters and the animations and actions looked pretty realistic to simply be pre-recorded (though I'm not ruling that out). From the characters in the Demo, it appears that this port is either of Mortal Kombat Trilogy or perhaps a new edition altogether.

Keep in mind that today is April 1 and that this could all be a hoax/joke. Mortal Kombat was one of (if not the first) fighting games to feature hidden characters and other Easter eggs ("Toasty!" and Noob Saibot anyone?), so this could all just be a really good prank. Still, the potential to see Mortal Kombat on an iPod Touch or iPhone is pretty exciting -- at least to a old skool gamer geek like myself. What about you? Would you play a 2-D platform fighting game on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

Thanks Luke!

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