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Ask Engadget HD: When does contrast ratio fail to matter on an LCD?

Darren Murph

After taking a look at the realities (or lack thereof) of dynamic contrast, reader caveman posed a question that we found quite intriguing. There's little doubt that higher actual contrast ratios on televisions generally lead to sharper blacks and better overall image quality, but where does a number stop becoming a factor of importance and start becoming an overpriced bragging right? In his own Neanderthalian words:

"I'm looking to buy an LCD TV soon and was wondering how much of a difference contrast ratio made? Where does the cutoff occur where a higher ratio just isn't worth the increased cost?"

Yeah, we know stipulations around set placement, surroundings, etc. all come into play here, but why not give Mr. caveman a glimpse into your own experiences? Have you moved from a low contrast set to a high and seen a noticeable improvement? Have you watched your buddy's G Platform plasma and walked away unimpressed? What's your take on the matter?

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