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EA Mobile reaffirms commitment to smartphones

Ross Miller

Electronic Arts sent out a press release today (PDF file) announcing its commitment to the mobile platform and games to smartphones such as those operating Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile operating systems. The release also lists games to look out for, but from we can tell, they are all currently out and have been for some indeterminate time. We've gone ahead and listed those games after the break for those curious.

The big reason for the release, as publication Develop surmises, is EA Mobile reaffirming its support to non-iPhone platforms. As noted by M:Metrics analyst Seamus McAteer, 7.5 million people downloaded mobile games last month, and smartphone users download twice as many mobile games as non-smartphone mobile users.

Read (PDF file)

  • Symbian: Doom, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, The Sims
  • BlackBerry: Tetris, Bejeweled, Scrabble (in North America only), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, SimCity Societies, and most recently, Monopoly Here & Now
  • Windows Mobile: Downtown Texas Hold 'Em, Jamdat Mahjong, The Sims Bowling, and Jamdat Mini Golf

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