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LotRO Player Survey #1 looks at MonsterPlay

William Dobson

Upon opening the Lord of the Rings Online launcher, you should be offered the chance to fill out a survey for Turbine. It is the first in what we're told will be a series over the coming weeks and months, and focuses on Monster Play, or PvMP. They're hoping to find out what players think of monster play as it is right now, and get a feel for where they should take it in the future.

Taking about 5 minutes to fill out, the survey goes over many aspects of the PvMP experience, asking very specific things like in the picture above, as well as more general questions to gauge player enjoyment and the amount of time spent in the 'Moors. Turbine has always seemed very interested in what players have to say, so hopefully the results of this survey will help steer PvMP in the right direction.

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