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LotRO Book 13: Doom of the Last-King

Shawn Schuster

Following the recent release of The Ashen Wastes, we now have LotRO's Book 13 to look forward to very soon. In a recent dev diary, not only has the name of the new book been revealed, but also much more. We learn about some unique creatures in Forochel, including moose, winter-worms, and Gauredain war-mammoths, just to name a few. These new creatures in Doom of the Last-King will also have their own brand of monster skills introduced specifically for them.

In Book 13: Doom of the Last-King, the content team introduces something they've been waiting a long time to do: implement a new region with its own reputation. This means that your character will start out as "Unfriendly" to the Lossoth who inhabit the region. In order to improve reputation, players will need to complete quests and collect item drops for the Lossoth. This is actually the first time a region was created with reputation built-in. Lossoth reputation rewards include unique armor sets, weapons, a new mount, housing decorations, and even a few class specific items! Be sure to check out a recent dev interview for more information on Book 13, and remember, there is only one more content patch after this before the Mines of Moria expansion!

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