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Wii Warm Up: Let's talk Rock Band (again)


The last time we talked about Rock Band in the morning topic, we didn't yet know that we were getting the shaft. Yeah, we said it: Rock Band for the Wii sucks. Personally, this blogger is more unhappy about the lack of DLC than the lack of other online functions. That's a lot of money to spend on a game that can't be updated similarly to the other next-gen versions, and considering we've got WiiWare on the table, no DLC just seems wrong. We're used to dragging friends over to play Wii; after all, we've played more multiplayer Wii in person than online by a long shot. It's old hat by now. Not being able to play online is sauce in the flavor of weak, to be sure, but no DLC means no sale from where I'm sitting. Of course, a lot of you probably feel differently; maybe you'd rather have online play, or perhaps you're actually excited about Rock Band. If so, please explain that one to us, because we are confused.

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