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New Ninja Gaiden II Cutscene and Concept Art


We saw the reveal of the newest lady in the Ninja Gaiden universe earlier this week, and now, courtesy of 1up, we bring you another cutscene with Sonia, direct-feed this time. The cutscene comes from the end of the game's first chapter, Sky City Tokyo, and is rather similar to one from the first game. It involves Ryu saving Sonia from an enemy who needed a distraction and seemingly has bigger fish to fry.

In another amazing reveal, apparently the CIA is recruiting from the S&M community, as that's who Sonia is working for to get help from Ryu to fight the fiends, who themselves are trying to resurrect the arch-fiend. As you likely have noticed, the story is rather thin, so focus on the funny things (like the reuse of the DOAX bounce physics). The only other thing of note to come out of the update was a great piece of concept art for Sonia.

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