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Nintendo Power asks for your VC wishlists


We get to have our say about what we'd like to see on the Virtual Console every single week, and now Nintendo Power is giving its readers the chance to do the same. At first, we thought Nintendo Power just might be able to turn Nintendo's head to what the fans want (it is, after all, the official Nintendo tome for the U.S.). And then, we read the disclaimer: "This is for polling purposes only, and will in no way determine future Virtual Console releases." But we don't believe them. Actually, we kind of do believe them, but it's worth a shot, right? Right?

If you want to take part and push your game up the list, just drop a line to, and the magazine will do the rest, totting up the votes and publishing the top 100 most requested not-yet-Virtual Console games in a future issue. It'd be nice if you put in a shout for some of our favorites as well. Not that we're Secret of Mana suggesting you Pilotwings 64 do anything Alf untoward like rigging the results.

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