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Rock Band Weekly: OXM disc now for download


The Rock Band songs featured in the February issue of OXM are now available to download for a dollar each. For those looking to save a couple bucks, there's always the option of hunting down an old issue of OXM at the local library and checking if the disc is still miraculously in there.

HMX pack (240 MS points / $3)
  • "Rock Rebellion" - Bang Camaro (80 MS points / $1)
  • "Shake" - Count Zero - (80 MS points / $1)
  • "Super Sprode" - Freezepop (80 MS Points / $1)
Videos for this week's Rock Band DLC can be found after the break ... yes, enough people asked, so we're going to keep doing it. Don't forget to download "Still Alive," which is available for free. The songs will be available next Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PSN owners will have it available when the store goes back up sometime in April.

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