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Viva Pinata proposer tying the knot today with game-themed cake

We all had our hearts warmed last year when we heard of David Rosowski's delightful approach to nuptial queries -- the young man proposed to his girlfriend Jenn by sending her a diamond and question-popping note in Viva Piñata, immediately following up with a bended knee and a real-life rock. Nearly seven months later, their wedding day has come, and after trading vows upon a cruise ship, the two will chow down on a matrimonial pastry topped with a Horstachio and a veiled Pretztail (two of the game's more recognizable papier-mâché critters).

You can watch their big day unfold on David's YouTube channel, if you have nothing better to do this Saturday morning. We here at Joystiq HQ won't be in virtual attendance, but we'd still like to wish David and Jenn a long and happy marriage, full of fulfilled romance requirements and bushels of joy candy.

[Thanks, jimmcq.]

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