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Japanese hardware sales, March 24 - March 30: The Omega Man Memorial edition

If this is the first you're hearing of it, allow us to apologize for putting a possible damper on your day -- Charlton Heston, former president of the National Rifle Association and star of "The Omega Man", "Planet of the Apes", and a plethora of other man-tastic films, passed away at the age of 84 last night. Regardless of your opinion of his fevered 2nd Amendment support, let's all take a moment to remember Charlton Heston, the actor.

From his iconic portrayal of Moses in "The Ten Commandments" to his unforgettable performance in the dystopian sci-fi classic "Soylent Green", and, lest we forget, his tear-jerking cameo in "Wayne's World 2", Heston was one of the most important figures in modern American cinema -- a pillar of the post-Golden Age of Hollywood. We'd like to encourage everyone to take a moment to shout out their favorite Heston-ism, no matter where you might be as you read this. He'd probably prefer a 21-gun salute, but it's the best we can do, for now.

With that somber farewell behind us, we can move on to our own dystopian future -- one where the PSP, riding a Monster Hunter Portable 2 G-flavored wave of popularity, nearly outsells every other console combined. That's not a bad thing, mind you -- just an unforeseen shift in momentum, seeing as how a year ago, the handheld market was quite reversed. As you ponder whether Japan has slipped into a parallel universe, here's a massive pot of number n' arrow stew.

- PSP: 129,986 70,153 (117.25%)
- DS Lite: 58,916 6,139 (9.44%)
- Wii: 48,785 13,619 (21.82%)
- PS3: 11,206 1,668 (12.96%)
- PS2: 10,296 366 (3.69%)
- Xbox 360: 1,547 197 (11.30%)

[Source: Media Create]

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