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One Kara Leaves: Karathress vs. Kara Thrace wrap up


On Friday I asked you what would happen if Karathress, the minion wielding sub boss of Serpentshrine Cavern, went up against Kara Thrace, the like-named heroine of Battlestar Galactica. You voiced your opinions, you voted.

And you chose Kara Thrace, by a vote of 81.5% to 18.4%.

Some of the defining user comments made it clear why Kara Thrace would win. SweetPoison said, "Kara would just bomb SSC with her Viper." Pappagallo tells us that I missed one of Starbuck's key abilities, and I fully agree with him: at 20% health Kara would cast "Summon Adama" in which there's a 99% chance Adama appears in either his old or young form and goes on a rampage, or a 1% chance that Colonel Tigh appears drinking, saying "Kill her, see if I care."

Quite the interesting results, and I'm glad everyone had a chance to vote. And just to revise my opinion on who the final Cylon is, I'm now going to say it's Felix Gaeta. We know it's not Billy anymore because Six said "The final five are close."

Of course, I could just be frackin' out of my mind.

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