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Eidos shoots the food, confirms Gauntlet for DS

Jason Dobson

Eidos and developer Backbone are bringing Gauntlet's food-shooting, poison-eating, death-avoiding action to the Nintendo DS later this year. Eidos describes the upcoming title as a "modern reworking" of the arcade classic, thankfully returning the series to its overhead roots rather than the forgettable 3D entries of recent years.

Gauntlet for the DS will once again reunite the series' iconic Elf, Warrior, Wizard, and Valkyrie, and include 40 maps across three different areas. What's more, as Gauntlet has always been been strongest when played in groups, this latest version will boast ranked 4-player co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, playable both wirelessly and over Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection. Just remember, shots do NOT hurt other players ... yet.

[Via Nintendo DS Fanboy]

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