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Microsoft working on 360 Wiimote-killer?

Nilay Patel

Alright, take this one with a huge grain of salt, but MTV News is reporting that Microsoft is secretly developing a Wiimote-like motion controller for the Xbox 360. The source says that the new unit has been under development since August, and that a new unified interface is being developed by Rare, which has missed a few deadlines. The idea is to match and exceed the capabilities of the Wiimote, so the controller reportedly features four face buttons, an analog stick, a microphone, and possibly integration with the Xbox Live Vision Camera. However, it doesn't seem like things are going all that smoothly -- the source says the project is a "colossal clusterf***," and that Microsoft is scrambling to figure out how to get the thing out by the end of the year. Interesting -- but several other major 360 developers wouldn't confirm anything, so until we hear something for real, interesting is about as far as it goes.

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