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Arizona's 'blame the media' bill dies in committee


Arizona's Senate Judiciary Committee killed House Bill 2660 in a 4-2 vote; the legislation would have held media content producers liable for violent acts committed by consumers of video games, movies, TV and books. GamePolitics reports that the sponsor of the bill, Rep. Warde Nichols (R), says he will reintroduce a more concisely-written version in 2009. He believes, "At the end of the day, companies will have to stand before their customers and shareholders and explain why they are OK with the production and distribution of violent, forced, non-consensual sex acts."

The bill was written by attorney Keith Perkins, who runs the Never Again Foundation, and represents rape victims in civil suits. Perkins states under Arizona's current law victims can only sue attackers, but that the money they would collect is minimal -- media groups have much deeper pockets for victims (and their lawyers who get a cut of the settlement). It looks like Nichols' bill bit off way more than it could chew. Sen. Ken Cheuvront (D) put it best when he said the bill was too broad and passing it might have unintended consequences.

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