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Firefly being prepared for Blu-ray

Jem Alexander

We don't make a habit of posting about individual films or TV shows coming to Blu-ray. That's not the purpose of this site. Sometimes, however, something will come along that will get us totally excited and we simply have to share the news with you guys. Today that something is Firefly -- the excellent space western by Joss Whedon that was sadly canceled long before its time -- and the fact that it is being prepared for a Blu-ray box set.

Seeing the Firefly universe in HD is obviously going to be a treat. We'd love to see Serenity (the feature length "sequel" movie) to be released on Blu-ray, we didn't really expect Firefly to get similar treatment. There's no telling when the series will be released as currently it's still in the planning stages, but it's nice to know it is coming, wouldn't you say?

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