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HUDs up! This is what Mass Effect PC's HUD looks like

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"But how could the PC port of a game that was released in November be delayed?" you moaned, upon hearing the unfortunate news that Mass Effect would be delayed from May 6 to May 28. Beats us, but we've got three letters to make it all better, friend. Aich. You. Dee. Put it all together, and that spells HUD. And then, err ... break it all apart again and you've got heads-up display, an "entirely new" one of which BioWare wants to share with you after this morning's downer.

The new HUD, activated with a simple slap of the space bar, brings up access to squad commands ("Get your ass behind that rock, Williams!"), Biotics powers ("Get thrown, Geth scum!"), and abilities and weapons interfaces (sorry, it's hard to narrativize this one). Hey, we're already sold. We're just wondering if any of this lovely UI work will find a place in the (for a time) gamepad-saddled sequel.

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