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It's dangerous to chop vegetables on an unprotected surface alone! Take this!


We'll be honest -- as charming as it was, we found ourselves struggling to understand how the Zelda universe was an appropriate choice of subject for a themed, crochet teapot mat. Eventually, we concluded that, hey, Link does occasionally drink potions in his games, right? And you can also drink ... what? Yes! Tea! Ahem.

Anyway, this Triforce-branded cutting board from Etsy user 1337motif ... we're stumped. Totally at a loss. There's just no reasonable connection between Zelda games and cutting boards. Then again, we're yet to find a more awesome way to chop vegetables, so we'll roll with it. Cough up $125 (yes) and it's yours.

[Via HawtyMcBloggy]

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