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UK Rock Band in May, timed Xbox 360 exclusive

Today EA, MTV and Harmonix have confirmed the UK release of Rock Band is set for May 23. News of a release date has been expected for quite some time; however, in an unexpected coup Harmonix has announced the popular music rhythm game will be a timed exclusive for everyone's favorite HD-platform.

In a press release early this morning Harmonix confirmed the Xbox 360 version Rock Band will hit the UK in "an exclusive launch window of May 23," while other platforms will see the title released later this summer. However, the news may not be as peachy as UK gamers would like.

The game will be sold separately from an "Instrument Edition," which is only includes the drum set, guitar and microphone peripherals, priced at GBP 129.99 (EUR 169). When factoring in the price of the software the package will cost gamers roughly $360 US. Additionally, UK gamers will have the option of purchasing wireless guitars separately for GBP 59.99 (EUR 79.99), while the standard drum kit will go for GBP 69.99 (EUR 89.99).

The UK version of Rock Band will include all 58 tracks found in the North American release, as well as feature nine new tracks spanning German, French and UK hits.

Considering the popularity of the game Stateside, Microsoft has definitely stolen one of the biggest releases out from under Sony's nose -- in a heavily pro-Sony market. While the exclusivity may boost the sales of the Xbox 360 in the region we wonder how UK gamers will feel swallowing the steep price to get their rock on.

[Via Joystiq]

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