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Engadget HD Podcast 080 - 04.09.2008

Trent Wolbe
Some things in the world of HD stay the same, and some just keep getting better and better and on this week's show we cover a little of both. We continue to see new channels launched, but the new ones coming online now are MPEG4 at the source, but unfortunately it'll be some time till all of the channels are, so many will be forced to endure excessive amounts of compression in the name of more channels -- and other services like Internet access via DOCSIS 3.0. For the first time that we can remember, there isn't even one format war story, but there are a few Media Center posts as well as some talk of the latest HDTVs and whether they're any better than last year's.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

01:00 - Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 079 - 04.02.2008
14:00 - U-verse ups the HD ante, helps launch HBO2 HD
18:40 - And we're off: Twin Cities get first DOCSIS 3.0 deployment
22:00 - Poll: Have you been affected by over-compressed HD feeds?
28:01 - CEA rolls out "Convert Your Mom" DTV campaign
30:02 - PPV movies get 24-hour clock on DirecTV
35:22 - HDPC-20 to be used in DirecTV Media Center beta test
37:57 - Hauppauge HD-PVR shows itself, pre-order said to be coming soon
43:57 - Niveus Movie Library (Beta) now available for download
49:30 - Pioneer European Kuro lineup sign of things to come?
53:16 - Buying an HDTV: Get the latest or Save on 2007?


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