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Rein: GoW2 Game Informer details just a 'tidbit'

Dustin Burg

According to Epic's Mark Rein, the juicy Gears of War 2 details that came straight from the pages of May's Game Informer are only the tip of the GoW2 iceberg and only a "tidbit" of what the Gears sequel has to offer.

Commenting on the Game Informer article, Rein told videogaming247 that Epic "told the Game Informer guys just a tidbit about the game. We showed them some stuff, obviously, but we're keeping a lot of information back that will make people go, 'It's even better than this.' As good as they say it is, and they really, really like it, there's still a lot of story to open up between now and when the game ships in November... I think people will really enjoy this game."

So ... can we officially start the GoW2 hype machine yet? Mr. Rein says there's more juicy bits to come and our excitement level heading into E3 is at full alert. Ah heck with getting permission, the GoW2 hype machine is GO, GO, GO!

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