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Sonic Unleashed reboots series, ignores last two games


Thanks to Batman Begins, we're now all familiar with the concept of "rebooting" a series -- ignoring one or more of its previous installments to start over with a clean slate. Sega's apparently familiar with the concept as well, as Sonic Unleashed has "no relation" to either Sonic the Hedgehog on PS3 and 360, or Sonic and the Secret Rings, and will instead be more like a Sonic Adventure 3, only with more hulkhogs.

Official Nintendo Magazine talked with lead designer Yoshihisa Hashimoto about the direction of the new title, and learned that the team went back to square one with both the design and engine for the game. The game is said to be comparable to the aging Sonic Adventure games, albeit with a few new tricks and hopefully improved platforming. Regarding the hulkhog, Hashmito reveals that Sonic's altered form controls more slowly (duh), but can knock objects out of the way rather than dodging, and propels himself forward Donkey Kong-style with massive forearms used to swing across the ground.

We're all for rebooting the series, but we personally hope that Unleashed shares more in common with Sonic's pre-Adventure titles, rather than the character-laden, awkward-camera experiences in the Dreamcast outings.

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