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Halo 3 devs take you on video tour of Legendary maps

Justin McElroy
Of the three new maps coming in the "Legendary" Halo 3 pack, "Ghost Town" is the only one that's completely brand new with no roots in earlier Haloz. So it's understandable if you become a little disoriented the first time you play it or, like us, if you start spinning wildly, firing in every direction before finding a safe spot and having a good cry. But there's no need for tears, little one! Three Halo 3 developers are going to take you on a tour in the amusingly named Vidoc: "Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map."

There's also dirt on the other maps, which, frankly, look delectable. Also, we just want everyone to know right now that we're never playing a game of Halo 3 without the old-timey filter. It's sepia or see-you-later, that's our motto.

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