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Infogrames CEO: Alone in the Dark will sell 2-3 million units this fiscal year


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Infogrames CEO, David Gardner, tells Reuters he believes Alone in the Dark will sell two to three million copies this fiscal year. That means that, between its June 24 release and next March, the title needs to perform better than a game like BioShock. Given the fact that the title is being released on Wii, PS2, Xbox 360 and PC (PS3 is "sometime in 2008"), it just may hit that projection when combining all the systems ... maybe.

Gardner's currently focused on getting Infogrames / Atari to stop hemorrhaging money, and has Directeur Général Délégué Phil Harrison and friends looking to "get a business plan together that gets [Atari] to a break-even level." Unsurprisingly, Gardner couldn't give specifics on when he expects that to happen.

[Via GameDaily]

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