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Is Sony Ericsson's Z780i about to make its grand entrance?


We saw the Sony Ericsson Z770i a little while back and now a mild refresh arriving in the form of this lovely bit of flip-candy called the Z780i. SEMC Blog outed this handset's WAP profile recently and now they've brought us a few thumbnails of what appears to be a Z770i twin but with a more reasonable looking keypad. There aren't many details to spare aside from what you can see above but there do seem to be profiles for both 'a' and 'i' models -- with 'a' bringing us some frequencies in the 3G range that'll we'll be able to enjoy over here. That's it for now kids, but we'll be back with more info as soon as we hear about it.

Read - WAP profile for Z780i
Read - WAP profile for Z780a

[Via SEMC Blog]

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