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Kane and Lynch DLC brings title update and more

Dustin Burg

This Thursday, April 17th Kane and Lynch: Dead Men will receive new (and totally free) "The Dope Bag" downloadable content and with it will come other goodies.

In an interview with Kane and Lynch game director Kim Krogh, IGN learned that come Thursday the new set of DLC will be available alongside two other additions. One addition being a set of new achievements that was spotted a few weeks back that'll add an additional 250 Gamerscore. The other goodie we'll see on Thursday is a general title update that's aimed at fixing a few bugs and annoyances found in Fragile Alliance including friendly-fire between re-spawned characters. So, in recap: Free Kane and Lynch "The Dope Bag" DLC which adds new multiplayer maps, new achievements and a title update too. End recap.

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