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LG Voyager coming to Sprint, AT&T this year?

Chris Ziegler

Korea's Electronic Times is quoting a mysterious LG "official" as saying that the company's Voyager -- the high-end touchscreen flipper currently on Verizon -- will be making the leap to both AT&T and Sprint before the year's out. Although that isn't necessarily an outlandish thing to believe (Verizon's exclusivity period probably lasts 12 months at most, after all), it implies that at least two additional versions of the Voyager would have to be in the works: a CDMA piece without MediaFLO for Sprint and, of course, a GSM variant for AT&T. The news comes on the heels of LG's triumphant claim that they've shipped a whopping 1.1 million Voyagers since launch -- a pretty impressive number considering that the phone just launched at the very tail end of 2007 -- and a number that could pretty easily triple if these other carrier deals turn out to be legit.

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