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This Wednesday: Rocky & Bullwinkle join Battlezone on XBLA


Flying squirrel and talking moose news now, with fondly remembered 60's cartoon, Rocky & Bullwinkle, returning in HD on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. The classic characters return en moose in a collection of over 100 "micro games," 25 of which use the Xbox Live Vision camera in such heart-stopping activities as "rowing a boat, "throwing darts" and, presumably, tying a noose. The anthropomorphic duo can be yours for 800 MS Points ($10).

The retro theme continues with Wednesday's other revamped release, Battlezone. Atari's wireframe warfare has been given a fresh coat of paint, along with online multiplayer modes and Xbox Live Vision camera support. Be tankful that the asking price is no more than 400 MS Points ($5).

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