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New WiiWare racer answers the question: What's a SPOGS?

Kyle Orland

Despite the name, D2C's recently announced WiiWare title SPOGS Racing has nothing to do with Northern English candy. Instead, the game features single-wheeled vehicles plastered afterburners, spoilers and "wacky" faces. Obviously! The title was a dead giveaway!

The fast-action racing game will feature 12 tracks -- including stunt tracks -- and gameplay based on ramming opponents and stealing their SPOGS-enhancing parts. Players can control their SPOGS by tilting the Wii remote or, more likely, using an attached the Classic Controller. The game is also planned for the PC and the PSP, but you all know we're only posting it because it's on the Wii's hip new download service. Plus we like saying it's name. SPOGS. SPOGS!

Check out the SPOGS-y video after the break.

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