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Preview of Vanguard Game Update 5

Michael Zenke

The Vanguard Players site just released information on the upcoming Game Update 5. Slated to hit the test servers at the beginning of next week, this latest in Vanguard's ongoing series of large content updates looks to be another doozy. Highlights from this update incude:
  • Racial Mounts: We featured two exclusive screenshots of the Dark Elf and Half Elf mounts this morning, but every race has their own unique ride. The folks at Ten Ton Hammer snagged their own shots, showing of the Gataro Raki mount, and the Kurashasa Scorpion mount. The full list of races and their mounts is on the site.
  • A city faction system they're calling 'Citizen Favor.' Players will be able to complete quests to earn positive faction standing with each individual city. Certain creatures can be slain to earn tokens, which are then turned in to earn standing and rewards. Raid-level monsters will drop ancient coins of exceptional value in this system.
  • Three classes received some TLC: the Psionicist, the Blood Mage, and the Sorcerer. Broken abilities were fixed, spells have been updated, and "all three classes should be more in-line with their intended vision." Exactly what was changed will be listed in the final patch notes.
  • Performance improvements, new particle effects for a number of classes, and more will also be added in the patch.
We'll have more on Game Update 5 in the days ahead, so make sure to check back.

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