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EVE strategic maps warping your way

Andrew Russo

EVE is a big place, a really big place. Going from one end of the galaxy to the other not only takes an incredible amount of time, but it is also filled with numerous dangers. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself lost, surrounded, and a frozen testament to the power of missiles. Sure, there is that little in game map that you have to zoom into, plan your route, and then hope all is peachy along the way. However, it is confusing trying to navigate an escape route in three dimensions when it's you, your ore, and some angry rebel outlaws who just decided to say hello.

Though we are no where near a soothing voice telling us to "Warp to KLY-CO gate, avoid war zone, destination on right," we will soon have a booklet of useful maps to navigate by. What is so massively awesome about this? The maps are strategic maps. Want to put a mechanical parrot on your shoulder and pirate? They can tell you where useful choke points are. Want to PvP? Head down to a certain system and let loose the dogs of war. Want to mine peacefully while listening to Mozart? Go ahead and check out a few ice fields in empire. The maps should help get you to your destination easily and safely. If not, we still have clone vats and insurance to fall back on.

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