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D-Link's MediaLounge PC-on-TV DPG-1200 now shipping

Darren Murph

Remember that DPG-1200 that got overshadowed by the outpouring of other media streamers landing at CES? Welp, D-Link has just announced that its PC-on-TV Player is finally shipping to eager customers and will soon be channeling web-based content directly to living room (or bathroom, kitchen, garage, underground bomb shelter, etc.) televisions for the marginally respectable price of $239.99. For those in dire need of a refresher, this MediaLounge device links up to your TV via VGA / component / composite and connects to your PC via WiFi; the bundled remote can then control the on-screen action, bringing YouTube, Google Video, Veoh Networks, etc. material from the intarwebz straight to your set. Whether or not the convenience is worth the cost, however, is totally your call.

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