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Rugged Ricoh G600 point-and-shoot resists dust, water

Darren Murph

In case it's not glaringly apparent just by eying the image above, Ricoh's 600 (the proper successor to the Caplio 500G) is built to withstand most any element you'll encounter during a weekend jaunt through the wilderness. The 10-megapixel compact features a 2.7-inch LCD, 28-140mm wide-zoom lens, 5x optical zoom, USB connectivity, ISO 3200 capability and a shock-resistant chassis that also turns a cold shoulder to dust and water. Those in a pinch can swap in a set of AAA cells should the rechargeable Li-ion run out of juice, and though we can't imagine it getting much use, there's even an accessory shoe included for an external flash. Apparently all that toughness doesn't come cheap, as Ricoh's set to demand £349.99 ($693) for this thing when it lands in May.

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