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Syntax-Brillian looks to streamline operations, eliminate some positions

Darren Murph

As evidenced by the rash of partnerships entered into by Syntax-Brillian in the past several months, the company is aiming to "undertake a series of strategic initiatives to position [it] for future growth." Looking beyond the corporate speak, you'll find plans to "simplify its network of supplier relationships through which it develops and manufactures its Olevia and Vivitar product lines, streamline its channel partnerships to focus on a more targeted group of customers within Syntax-Brillian's current base of 3,000 retail and online partners, and eliminate positions representing an approximate 20-percent reduction in overhead costs." Unfortunately, we're not told exactly how many employees will be sent packing, but the firm is expecting the workforce reductions to result in "annualized savings of approximately $4 million in operating costs."

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