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The City of Heroes team settles into their new offices

Michael Zenke

WarCry had the chance to sit down with Matt Miller & Floyd Grubb, the chief minds behind NCsoft's City of Heroes/City of Villains franchise, to see how they're settling into their new Northern California offices. Very well, it turns out, and they're entirely focused now on bringing CoX players the joy and love that is Issue 12. The two developers discuss many of the tantalizing elements we saw in the Epic Villain Archetypes video, and generally about the team's development philosophy now that they're in their new digs.

Fans of the Epic Archetypes have one thing to thank for them: the Wedding Accessories pack released to honor the marriage of Sister Psyche to Manticore. According to Miller they're using that money and the funds from the upcoming in-game advertising to really step up what they can offer to players. Of the non-epic features coming in the next Issue, Miller and Grubb are most excited by the 'branching dialogue' tree addition to the game. It's going to allow players elements of choice that haven't been seen in the game to date, and (theoretically) could let them develop missions that offer players "situations like which wire to cut when diffusing a bomb." They refused to say if they'd be going back and adding that kind of choice to older content ... but we can hope, right?

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