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Verizon's Hub will interact with Verizon Wireless phones

Chris Ziegler

We're still trying to piece together the Verizon Hub mystery -- namely whether it'll be available outside the realm of Verizon's FiOS broadband customer base -- but either way, we have some evidence here that it'll play nice with the Verizon Wireless handset of your choice. The device was designed from the start to be the be-all, end-all wireline home base (hence the name), so it really comes as no surprise that there'd be some interaction with mobiles for those rare occasions when you simply must leave your home. What you see here are a couple of diagrams (just follow the arrows!) involving the transfer of information to and from Verizon Wireless-branded cellphones; in the first, an address is looked up using the Hub's yellow pages facility, located on a map, then transferred to an LG VX9400. In the second, a lovely photograph from a beach (seriously, what are we doing in front of a computer right now?) is snapped and transferred to a Hub, where it's displayed in real time. Fun stuff -- let's hope owners of any old broadband connection are going to be able to partake.

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