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Another waterproof baggie keeps PSP safe in the shower

Majed Athab

About a month ago, we posted about a ziplock-like baggie to shield your PSP while you game in the shower. Today, we've got another similar accessory that will keep your PSP waterproof. This one looks more stylish than the first -- with that nice little handle and complimentary suction cup clips which keep the item neatly hanging on the shower wall.

This new bag comes from Cyber Gadgets. It's made from thick vinyl material and is large enough to house both fat and slim PSPs, as well as a TV tuner. The bag also keeps afloat. It's priced at about ¥1280 (US$12.35). To see more pictures of the product, click right here (note: scroll down once at the link).

[Via Game Watch]

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